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Fracture Table Hip Drape

Welmed’s new Fracture Table Hip Drape is designed for use with specialized, state of the art Positional Fracture Surgical Tables.

  • Efficient, “all in one” drape for use with Hip Procedures using Positional Fracture Surgical Tables. Overall Dimensions: 120” x 104” x 174”.
  • Eliminates the need to use multiple drapes (e.g. Vertical Isolation Drapes, Flat Drapes and more) for complete sterile coverage.
  • Designed for use across a variety of table designs and manufacturers.
  • Generously sized arm board covers for proper patient coverage and top draping.
  • Large absorbent reinforcement, 24” x 44”, surrounding adhesive incise provides optimal fluid control and reduction of strike-through.
  • Secure adhesive incise, 10” x 20”, for proper positioning of drape and adherence to patient.
  • Clear film for optimal visibility of patient limbs for proper alignment and circulation, reducing potential pressure point risks.
  • Generously sized hook and loop tube holders for secure and effective line control.
  • Optional Attachable Fluid Collection and Instrument Pouches are available, see back for details.

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