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Tri-Lam Heavy Duty Drapes

An excellent choice for high-fluid procedures, Welmed's new line of heavy duty drapes features three layer lamination material (Tri-Lam) and extra absorbent reinforcement areas (Absorb+).

  • Larger Reinforcement Areas
  • Absorb+ Absorbs more than 5 Times its Weight in Fluid
  • Orthopedic Drapes now 150” Long, for New Longer OR Tables
  • Anesthesia Screens
  • Pouches, Troughs or Traps
  • Incise Areas
  • Clear Panels
  • Tri-Lam Heavy Duty Drape Benefits:

  • Tri-Lam layers, large reinforcement zones with our Absorb+ material prevents strike-through.
  • Soft and drapeable, clinically-designed and tested supports efficient use from set-up, procedure and clean up.