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Why Use Sterile Disposable Shoe Covers and Boot Covers

Disposable boot covers and shoe covers

Disposable Shoe Covers and Boot Covers are important to have as part of a personal protective equipment (PPE) package in many medical facilities, surgical centers, laboratories, and other healthcare environments. They are slip on garments designed to fit over a wide variety of shoes and boots to prevent any hazardous organic or chemical material from coming into contact with a person's shoes. Boot Covers and Shoe Covers are essential to maintaining a clean, sterile environment and avoiding the spread of dangerous substances.

Although there are both disposable and reusable options, disposable Shoe and Boot Covers are ideal because they are new, convenient, and cost effective.

Four reasons to use disposable Shoe Covers and Boot Covers

1. Prevent contamination
Disposable Shoe Covers are discarded after leaving the work environment or operating room. By throwing them away immediately after potential exposure to harmful substances, the risk of cross contamination is minimized.

2. Help maintain a sterile environment
Disposable Shoe Covers and Boot Covers are used to prevent outside contaminants from shoes impacting a sterile environment or transmitting contaminants from an isolation environment out to other areas of the healthcare setting.

3. Low cost
Single use Shoe and Boot Covers are typically made from nonwoven materials that provide excellent barrier protection and are lightweight with non-slip bottom treads. The very low cost of nonwoven materials makes the use of disposable Covers economically viable for medical facilities.

4. They don't wear down over time
Reusable Covers will wear down over time with repeated use and laundering. Disposable Shoe Covers are ready to go every time you need them.

Welmed supplies the Boot and Shoe Covers your facility needs

If you determine disposable Shoe Covers are the best option to meet your facility's requirements, you can find exactly what you need at Welmed. We carry a wide variety of options, ranging from shoe high coverage and boot high coverage, standard and heavy duty materials, and anti-skid and anti-slip tread types.

We also have a dedicated quality control team employed by Welmed at our manufacturing facilities. Our team ensures the medical products you purchase from us consistently meet your high standards. Our sales team will work with you to determine exactly what you need, how much, and the logistics required to deliver your Shoe and Boot Covers to you as quickly as possible.

The disposable Shoe Covers and Boot Covers we carry

Boot Covers
Fluid Impervious, Heavy Duty, Anti-Skid

Boot Covers
Full Fluid Impervious, Heavy Duty, Anti-Skid

Shoe Covers
Anti-Slip, Blue

Contact a Welmed Regional Sales Manager to order the disposable medical products you need today!