MicroErad Antimicrobial

MicroErad Antimicrobial

Staggering Infection Risks
The risk of cross contamination within our society reaches far and wide.  While progress is being made, there continues to be a need for medical products to be protected from deadly microorganisms.  The facts are quite staggering:
  • According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), mutations and resistant strains of deadly microorganisms are on the rise1. Pathogens have shown to contaminate surfaces, textiles, air, wood, plastics, metal, porous and non-porous compounds, clothing and the human skin. 
  • Antibiotic resistant organisms can live weeks, if not months, on surfaces today 2
  • The problem goes beyond hospitals, in fact, The Joint Commission and the CDC are collaborating on CDC guidelines related to preventing infections in ambulatory health settings3.
  • 250,000 patients have one or more HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) with 23,000 proving fatal each year4.
  • Hard and soft surfaces, especially high-touch items in patient rooms and other clinical areas, give bacteria plenty of opportunities to hide, proliferate and invade5.
  • It's no secret that hospital-acquired infections are an enormous contributor to illness and death, affecting up to 30 percent of intensive care unit patients. But housing patients together very likely exacerbates the problem6.
  • On any given day, about one in 25 hospital patients has at least on healthcare-associated infection7.

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Cleaner Products and Surfaces
MicroEradtm integrates a proprietary formulation of antibiological organic compounds into disposable medical products and surface treatments (powder coated and painted surfaces) during the manufacturing process.  As a result of our proprietary antibiological additives, MicroEradtm prevents antimicrobial organisms from degrading the products. 
  • MicroEradtm is all about protecting the products from damaging microbial organisms.
  • MicroEradtm does not protect people from disease causing organisms.
  • Standard product disposal (patient changes) and surface cleaning protocols must be used.

MicroEradtm is a Proprietary and Custom Formulation developed for Welmed.   
Welmed is not making Public Health Claims and MicroEradtm
is operating under EPA’s Treated Articles Exception 40 CFR 152.25

Today, Welmed is focused on the production of products for testing to impact critical areas within a healthcare environment.  An includes a broad array of disposable products and surface treatments.  


  • Medical Curtains
  • Bedding
  • Mattress Covers
  • Gurnee & Stretcher Sheets
  • Clean-up Kits
  • Equipment Covers
  • Surface Treatments

Protective Apparel

  • Non-Wovens
  • Patient Gowns
  • Procedure Gowns
  • Professional Jackets & Lab Coats
  • Scrubs, Coveralls & Hoods
Isolation & Protection
  • Non-Wovens
  • PE Films
  • Tents & Panels
  • Non-Surgical Equipment
    Covers & Bags
  • Emergency Protection Packs
  • First Responder Kits

As a result of confirmed testing results, manufactured products using MicroErad Technology are in development. Our vision is to manufacture hundreds of existing Welmed products with the MicroErad Technology.

Please watch for updates on new products or contact your Sales Representative to learn more.