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Why Use Disposable Lab Coats and Disposable Scrubs

One of the top priorities in every healthcare facility is to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and infection. The problem is that many hospitals, surgery centers, and doctors' offices are prime breeding grounds for microbes and pathogens. These facilities have sick people, operations where bodily fluids are spraying, and generally ample opportunities for both staff and patients to spread contamination and illness if proper precautions are not taken.

Hospitals and other facilities engage in numerous infection prevention measures to help stem the spread of disease in their buildings. One way is to have their staff use Disposable Lab Coats and Disposable Scrubs instead of reusable options. In this article we'll look at the reasons why.

What Are Disposable Lab Coats and Disposable Scrubs?

Disposable Lab Coats and Scrubs perform the same function as Reusable Scrubs: to form a barrier between the person wearing them and the fluids and pathogens common in a medical environment. The difference is that Disposable Scrubs and Coats are made of lightweight, fluid resistant nonwoven material that can be discarded after use.

Disposable Nonwoven Materials

SMS is created through bonding sheet or web structures together by entangling fiber or filaments using mechanical, thermal, or chemical methods. The advantage of using medical nonwovens is that they can be manufactured at a low cost, so it's economical to create single use medical products.

Top reasons to use Disposable Lab Coats and Scrubs

1. Cleanliness
Disposable Scrubs and Lab Coats help maintain a clean environment without relying on industrial cleaning equipment or trusting staff to disinfect their reusable scrubs adequately at home. By discarding medical wear after a shift or operation, a facility can cut down on the risk of contamination.

2. Reliable quality
Reusable Scrubs and Lab Coats will wear down over time due to repeated use, handling, laundering, and transporting. That means that they could start to provide less barrier protection the more they are used, potentially exposing staff to dangerous substances or germs. When you use disposable options, you have fresh, high quality Scrubs and Coats every time.

3. Comparable cost
Many operations are hesitant to switch to disposable products because of the cost. However, multiple studies have shown that the price of disposable apparel is comparable to reusable products and sometimes less expensive. The reason for the less expensive cost is that disposable material can be manufactured at a very low price.

4. High levels of comfort
Temperature and breathability levels of Disposable Scrubs and Disposable Lab Coats are comparable to reusable products.

Why choose Welmed for Disposable Medical Products

Whether your facility needs Disposable Lab Coats, Scrubs, or other medical products, Welmed has the resources and flexibility to manufacture and deliver what you require. We'll provide a wide variety of high quality Disposable Scrubs and Lab Coats and deliver them to you fast, so your staff and patients have the necessary protection.

Our Disposable Lab Coat and Scrub products

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