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Welmed Donates $675,000 in Gowns to Ukraine

Chicago’s Welmed Partners with SEKO Logistics, Project C.U.R.E. to Donate Surgical Gowns

Welmed, one of the country’s top privately-owned medical supply companies, is stepping up for the people of Ukraine. The World Health Organization has shared medical supplies in Ukraine are dangerously low, expressing how crucial it is for health systems and facilities to remain “protected, functional, safe and accessible to all who need essential medical services.”

This week Welmed will donate over 135,000 high-quality sterile surgical gowns to the Ukrainian government and medical facilities. The donation represents $675,000 in AAMI 3 surgical gowns. These types of disposable surgical gowns offer superior protection to doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel treating patients in a wide variety of settings.

“The war in Ukraine has reached the level of a full-fledged humanitarian crisis and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to help,” says David Pearlman, Vice President of Logistics & Inventory Management at Welmed.

The shipments of Welmed’s donated medical supplies, which are being handled by SEKO Logistics began moving out this week and will be making their way to Ukraine via air and ocean shipments. Brian Bourke, Chief Growth Officer at SEKO Logistics works closely with Project C.U.R.E., the world’s largest distributor of donated medical equipment and supplies to source-limited communities across the globe. Both SEKO Logistics and Project C.U.R.E. will ensure the donated supplies make it to areas in need.

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About Welmed: Founded in 2006, Welmed is known for its innovative, people-centric approach to business and its track record of efficient and effective response to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry. Welmed was formed as a unified vision by Jie Tan and Dave Fliss, two veterans in the healthcare industry who saw a void that needed to be filled. Today, Welmed is a thriving, woman-owned company that services hospital and healthcare systems across the country. With a strong global presence, Welmed delivers disposable medical products to customers and thousands of end-users every day. Welmed takes tremendous pride in its success and is an empowered organization who believes in an efficient infrastructure to utilize long-standing factory relationships to build quality products for its loyal customers.