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Ambulatory Surgery Center

Physicians or Physician Partner Groups are seeking significant assistance through the rigorous start-up process of building an independent Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).

Industry Perspectives & Challenges


Perspective: Large consulting organizations, offering full start-up consulting services, often require significant equity positions within the ASC in order for access to the full start-up process consulting services. 

  • The Challenge: This consulting structure eliminates the physicians’ “desire for independence”, often the number one motivating factor to “go out on their own”.

Perspective: Thousands of “independent consultants” are available to assist through portions of the start-up process.  

  • The Challenge: Managing a group of consultants to cover all of the required process steps is just as onerous as the actual start up process.

Welmed's Consulting Services provide Physicians’ needs-based professional consulting services through the entire ASC Start-up process, or for any portion, while maintaining the Physicians' ability to retain full independence.

  • Proven Consulting Services
  • “Just what the Doctor Ordered”, Needs-Based Consulting Services
  • Ability to Utilize and Integrate Existing Talent, Driving Savings & Speed to Market
  • Non-biased, Independent Resources
  • Ability to Structure and Customize Ongoing Support Requirements, if requested
  • Three Initial Modules for Consideration, including a variety of Optional, Add-on Services

The ASC Start-up Process is arduous, requiring significant management of every aspect from the initial feasibility study to accreditation.  Welmed's Consulting Services can be with you throughout the entire process or any portion of the process as desired. 



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