MicroErad Technology Isolation & Protection

Isolation & Protection

Welmed’s MicroEradtm Isolation and Protection products will have the patients, staff and visitors "covered". Products include:
  • PE Covers (Remote Control Covers, Keyboard Covers)
  • Tents & Panels (Isolation Area)
  • Non-Surgical Equipment Covers & Bags (Bed Rail Covers)
  • Emergency Protection Packs
  • First Responder Kits

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MicroEradtm is a Proprietary and Custom Formulation developed for Welmed.   
Welmed is not making Public Health Claims and MicroEradtm
is operating under EPA’s Treated Articles Exception 40 CFR 152.25


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Item Number: 4000-1200

MicroErad Disposable IV Patient Gown, Blue

Latex Free

Item Number: 4000-1210

MicroErad Isolation Gown, Universal 45", Knit Cuffs, Blue

Latex Free

Item Number: 4000-1260

MicroErad Isolation Gown, Universal 46", Thumb Loop, Blue

Latex Free

Item Number: 4100-2000

MicroErad Equipment Cover, 48" x 25", Clear with Elastic Band

Latex Free