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Thermal Technology Drapes

Welmed’s has it covered with our new line of Surgical Drapes leveraging Welmed’s proprietary Thermal Patent Pending Technology.

  • Proprietary thermal material has been integrated on the underside of the drape to effectively retain the patients’ body heat during surgical procedures. 
  • Perfect for surgical procedures of 90 minutes or less, eliminating the need to use a separate radiant thermal drapes or warming blankets, often resulting in significant savings per procedure. 
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination, and possibly HAIs, by eliminating the need for Warming Devices, which are transferred from O.R. to O.R. Removal of Warming Devices, eliminates forced air radiant heat, thereby maintains a comfortable environment for the Surgical Team, reduces the risk of accidents by tripping on extra cords and reduces procedure set-up time. 
  • Proprietary thermal material strategically placed based on clinical feedback and testing.